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About Us

Lake Garrison once started as a cranberry bog.  It now boasts a complete family recreation destination for thousands of families every summer.

There are more than 100 families who make Lake Garrison their home in the summer.


History (courtesy of Elk Township web site)

Lake Garrison represents in reality what began as a man`s dream.

Mr.and Mrs.John Garrison operated a grocery store in Pitman, N.J. On his business travels from Pitman to Elmer, Mr.Garrison would pass a huge cranberry bog on a site called Kindall`s Sawmill. Mrs.Josie Feltman , a lake resident for almost 41 years recalls that Mr. Garrison told of one night having a dream where he made a beautiful lake from that cranberry bog .

He bought the land from E .Ireland of Woodbury and moved there with his wife Cora and two daughters, Leona and Evelyn. In May 1935, Decoration Day the lake was officially opened . John Garrison built all the existing log cabins that are around the lake . The Garrison family owned the lake for 11 years and after Mr.Garrison`s death in 1944 the property was sold in 1947 to the Garrison Lake Stockholders Corp.

Check out Elk Township's web page about the big flood in 1940.



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